Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today we celebrate the 100th birthday of a true leader, Ronald Reagan.

Oh, how I miss him! This man was a true leader who stood up for his beliefs, recognized the exceptionalism of The United States, and was proud to lead this country.

As I watched the memorial today, actor Gary Sinise told the true story of how he came to be "Ronald Reagan" the movie star in Hollywood. At the time, he went by his nickname, Dutch. When they told him that wouldn't be a good stage name, he did not want a publicist making up a moniker for him, so he said he wanted to go by his real name- Ronald.

To me, this spoke volumes! Even back then, in a world known for glitz, glitter and make-believe, Ronald Reagan was nothing less than authentic.

I miss you, Mr. President! Oh, how I wish my children could have a president that comes remotely close to the man and leader you were!

I continue to pray for our nation. My heart has become so weary. While I know compromise is essential in all relationships, there are just some things you do not compromise on. I see so many leaders throughout the years who have compromised our core values.

I could spend an hour quoting President Reagan and barely touch how strong he stood for America and her values. He did not compromise on these values and issues. This is true leadership! I pray that we will once again have leaders that have the values and resolve that he had.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords complete recovery. I pray also for her husband, Mark Kelly, as he prepares for his final space flight in April.

I pray for a tough army mom with a heavy heart tonight. I do not know what her heart is burdened with, but she has asked for prayer. Before Your throne, Oh God, I pray that You will give her the peace and comfort she needs from You. You, and You alone, Jesus, are the Source of our Peace. Wrap Your loving arms around her. I'm here, standing in the gap for her, Lord.

As always, I pray these things in the Holy Name of Jesus- Amen.

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