Friday, February 11, 2011


I read a news article today about Oprah saying she "wants respect for Obama". This has not set well with me at all! Respect must be earned, not something you demand! If you do not act in a respectable way, you will not be respected.

Now, let me first say, I have the UTMOST RESPECT for the OFFICE of The President of The United States of America! Before President Obama, I never had a problem- in my lifetime- showing respect for the office. I do not see that President Obama respects the OFFICE he holds! He continually bows to the leaders of other nations, "apologizes" for this nation, has said on numerous occasions that we are not an exceptional country. This does not show respect for the office he was elected to, in my humble opinion! He represents me and every other CITIZEN
of this great nation! If he is not proud of our country, or thinks we are not exceptional, why did he want to be the leader? HE is the one that chose to run for this office!

I am a staunch Conservative- 37-years-old, so I was very young during Carter's administration. Had I been older then, I may not be able to say this is the first time in my life I've not had respect for the person who leads this nation. But as of right now, I can honestly say this.

I was of course, younger than I am now, but old enough to know what was going on, in Clinton's administration. I disagreed with a lot that went on in his administration, but I never once doubted his love for this country and his commitment to the people of this nation. Even with the things he did that I disagreed with, I still respected him.

Even with George Bush- the father AND the son- there were things I did not agree with, but, admittedly, I was not interested in politics whatsoever during that stage of my life. Respecting either of them was never a problem for me.

In fact, I did not honestly become "interested" in politics until the 2008 election. That was the wake-up call for me! I saw that we- Conservative Americans- have set back for WAY too long! While yes, I count myself in this group, there were many, many, many that came before me. Unfortunately, there are still too many today! Not NEARLY as many as previously, because the sleeping Giant HAS been waken! Unfortunately, there are still some that have no clue what is going on in this country! For them, I wonder if it is too late! I know for me, that is NOT the case!

I do not believe stating the FACTS about someone is disrespect. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Facts are facts, no matter how you slice it.

I honestly wish I COULD have respect for President Obama. But respect must be earned! He has done nothing to show he truly has the heart and interest of the American people at heart. I still respect the office of The President of The United States of America, and I respect the fact that he is in this position at this point in history. However, he has done nothing to show that I should respect him as a leader. He has continually belittled this nation and everything our Founding Fathers stood for and set in place by Divine Providence. It makes me sad and angry to know someone disrespects my forefathers- all the men and women who have fought, died, gave their life's blood- to stand for what this nation is all about. We are ONLY free because of the lives that have been sacrificed for our freedom. I weep for these lives, knowing that every day these freedoms are being eroded away because of "leaders" who do not respect the laws of the land.

When it comes down to it, if you really want to know the truth- there are VERY FEW people who are in leadership positions in this country that I DO respect! This goes for both sides of the aisle! So many people who have been elected to public office have sold out their constituents for back room deals or lobbyists. If you do not stand up for the values of the people you represent I do not respect you. Again- respect must be EARNED! This goes for everyone! I am no respecter of persons! Whether you are a janitor, a cook, a waitress, a business man, an attorney, a doctor, a garbage man, or an elected official, if you want respect, you must ACT respectful and respectably! If you want to be respected, YOU must respect others!

I continue to pray for President Obama. I know I will never agree 100% with any leader. For that matter, there is no one I have ever found that I agree 100% with on EVERYTHING! We are all different, have different ideas and opinions. I continue to pray that he will have a change of heart and attitude toward this nation. But I know that is next to impossible. While I believe nothing is impossible with God, however, I know that God does not force anyone to do anything.

I pray desperately for this nation. It seems that every day the divide is widening between the people of this country. United we stand. Divided we fall. I pray that somehow, someway, we will find a way to unite. 

I continue to pray desperately for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. She has made tremendous progress. She's now standing and asking for toast! These things are truly a miracle! I praise and worship God Almighty for all He has done in her life. I pray that she will have complete recovery. I am so looking forward to the day she walks back onto the floor of Congress. I can see in my minds eye the standing ovation that WILL happen! I pray that somehow this will unite us. Lord God, I pray that this miracle will be a testament to every single person in this nation! We are truly a blessed nation, even with all the turmoil that is going on right now.

I pray all of these things in the Name of my Lord and Savior Yeshua Ha'Mashiach! To God be the glory, now and forever! Amen.

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