Saturday, January 29, 2011


"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."  Isaiah 5:20

For the last several years, the Scripture above is one that I quote almost on a daily basis. Nearly every day there is an issue and/or news article that this can be applied to.

Simply put, woe is translated to grief, distress or trouble.

We have become a society where the simple basics that I grew up knowing and believing are now looked on by many as weird, odd, or wrong.

Once upon a time, when someone did something wrong, there was shame and remorse for their actions. Now, pride has replaced the same and remorse.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am very tired today. I honestly do not have a lot of words. As I sat thinking about what I was going to pray about for our nation today, I read a post on a site that I visit daily. A line jumped out at me. It is very simple. So simple that many have resisted and rejected the message many times. Many will continue to resist and reject the message.

You are loved beyond measure. No, it's not a love that this world can even fathom. It is a love so real, so sincere, so desperate that your life was ransomed.

If you have seen the news at all the last few months and years, it should be obvious that something is going on in the world. Look at prophecy in The Bible objectively. Don't just fall into the same trap and argument you've used for years. If you are right, then there will be no proof in a book that was written thousands of years ago. Look at the signs that were told would happen. Are they happening now?

If you can realistically look around you and not see prophecy coming alive, I pray for your blinds eyes and hardened heart. I do not say this in judgement, I say this with love.

Time is short, America. Time is short, world. Jesus Christ came into this world to die for YOUR sins! If you had been the ONLY person on earth, He still would have died for you. Your life was ransomed. Will you accept His gift?

You are loved. He will be closing the door of opportunity very soon. Please don't reject His love and sacrifice.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and all affected by that tragedy. My heart is so heavy today.

I pray all these things in Jesus Name- Amen.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The more I think about the various things that are going on in our country, the more I realize that it all comes down to one thing. Well, outside of the fact that the people of this nation have strayed so far from God. That fact is first and foremost.

But, if you remove The Divine Creator from the equation (which is impossible for me to do, but for the sake of this argument, we are going to try...), it all comes down to the fact that there is very little common sense left in society.

I could address many, many issues that this applies to. How can someone think that another individual is responsible for them? How can someone think that healthcare will be BETTER if the government runs it? Hello! Have you not looked at the Post Office? Medicaid? Social Security? How can someone think that the cost will be lower for healthcare if the government takes over? How can people think we have money to send aid to all these various countries when we have borrowed against our future generations? How can elected officials make statements that lack any semblance of common sense, when we have actually ELECTED these people? Oh wait... I remember- many of the people who are actually voting do not have common sense, therefore they are not going to vote with common sense!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My heart is so very full of joy today! In less than 3 weeks after it was tragically announced that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had died from an assassins bullet, she has been upgraded to "Good" condition.

As I have previously stated, the morning of this horrible tragedy, we had not turned on our TV to catch up on the news, so I was not aware of what had happened until I read it online. Up until that moment I cannot recall ever hearing of Congresswoman Giffords. I'm sure I have heard interviews with her, but she is not one that I recognize right off hand.

Not knowing who she was made no difference to me. All I knew was this was a tragedy, no matter who it was. So many lives were affected that day. A little girl, just 9-years-old, had her life cut short way too soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What is truth?

Our society is so skewed in its views, and so much of the time we change and adapt our ways and views to match those around us. We don't want to be the odd-ball in the crowd. In the process we ultimately put on various masks, oftentimes covering up one mask with another mask and then another and another. Before long, we have so many masks piled on that we do not even see who we truly are when we look in the mirror.

For many years of my life I lived a complete lie. In fact, I lied so much that it eventually came to the point that I could not tell the difference between the truth and a lie. There have been a couple of times when I will start telling my husband something that I've told many times over the years, and suddenly I will stop. I will look at him and say, "That is not true. I've told it for so long that it just became truth to me."

It is a very scary thing to not know what the truth is about something. It is even more scary to realize that it is your own life that you do not know what the truth is. I did not have an accident that took away my memory, I simply chose to deny the reality of my life. Denying the reality did not change reality. Reality is reality, whether I like it or not.

We must come to a point in our life- individually- where we look at ourselves in the mirror and take off all the masks we have put on. When we get to the end of our life, what is going to matter? What is going to be important?

When I got to that point in my life, the reality of what I saw was not pretty at all. It was in fact very scary for me to face. It was not an easy thing for me to do. It was even more difficult for me to face the people I know and love and tell them how much of my life had been a lie. But once I finally face it and spoke the truth I felt free for the first time in a very long time! I didn't have to keep up with the lies anymore! Living in truth is not always easy, but it is much more difficult to live a lie.

Today, the world has come to "see" truth as subjective. What may be true for me is not necessarily true for someone else. Does that make both of us correct, in our own little worlds? To some, they will answer yes. My truth is my truth, their truth is their truth. However, is this THE truth?

There are some things that are absolute. Just because I say that the color red is blue does not make it so. Is it my perception? Am I lying? Have I lost my mind?

In a world where your perception can be accepted as truth, or it is OK to lie, or the argument of insanity gives you a free pass, how do we determine what truth is?

I believe the slow erosion of our moral values is one of the main factors in truth becoming subjective. One of the headlines in the last week was that Fox had pulled a Super Bowl ad for a company that advertises dating services specifically for married people. It is now seen as no big deal to many people to have affairs when you are married. In fact, there are people that go into marriage mutually agreeing to have an open marriage. Does this make it OK, because both parties agree to it?

In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court made it "legal" for a woman to have an abortion. Yet, if a pregnant woman is attacked, and she loses the baby, or she is killed and so is the baby, the one who committed the crime can be charged for murdering the baby. So- it is OK for woman to decide to end the life of the child- but someone attacks her and murders the child, and it is not OK?

Someone can plot and plan days, weeks, months or years ahead to kill someone yet claim not guilty by reason of insanity, and this is OK?

When you allow subjective ideas to stand as truth, it doesn't make it truth. There has to be a universal standard by which everything and everyone is measured. Just because a husband and wife "agree" between the two of them to have an open marriage does not make it right. It is still adultery.

Politically, when the Democrats are in office, the Republicans accuse them of lies about various things. When the Republicans are in office, the Democrats accuse the Republicans of lying about various things.

If something is not FACT, it is NOT truth. Period.

My question to you is what are YOU going to do? Are you going to allow yourself to continue down the deceptive road of lies that society feeds you? Are you willing to live out your life in subjectiveness? Or do you want to know FACTS about certain things?

If you decide that you want to live in subjectiveness, do not be surprised if one day you wake up and realize the happiness that you thought you were living is in fact nothing more than excrement piled high on top of nothingness. Just because we choose to believe something does not make it true. Dog poop covered with whip cream does not make for a delicious treat. It is still just a pile of dog poop with whip cream, no matter how you spin it.

The reason I started this blog was to pray for Congresswoman Giffords after she was shot. It did not surprise me yesterday when the man that committed these horrendous acts went to court and pled "Not Guilty" by reason of insanity. He is not insane! He pre-meditated this horrendous act! He has no remorse whatsoever for his actions. He is enjoying the limelight that is being given him.

Sadly, it will not surprise me if he lives out the rest of his life in a mental hospital rather than him receiving the death penalty. Even if he does receive the death penalty it will be 20 years or more before he is finally executed. The people who's lives ended that day were not afforded the same luxuries. And instead of justice being served he is in fact being rewarded by so people many talking about him and the taxpayers paying for his living expenses. We have truly become a sick and twisted society. The truth of the matter is he took lives. His life should be taken from him.

As always, I continue to pray for his heart to be softened. I pray that he will repent for his actions. Even if he does this, I believe the only justice would be a swift execution. However, I read an article stating that the case will more than likely take years. Yes... this is the reality we have become, America! Is this the reality you want? We have watered down and eroded truth to the point that truth does not stand any longer. Truth is shoved down into the dirt!

I also continue to pray for Congresswoman Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly. It is my prayer that her rehab is going well. I know it is not easy for them, but I pray they will get through this stronger than they were before. I pray that their faith in God Almighty will be stronger than before. I pray that their love and faith and commitment to each other will be even stronger than it was before. I pray that they will feel the love and prayers of the nation in this difficult time.

I pray for this nation.  America, are you content to continue down the road we are on, or are you going to stand for truth once again? It will not be easy. It will be painful. But it will be rewarding! And it WILL be worth it!

Monday, January 24, 2011


We cannot make people to accept our beliefs. The beauty of life is the choices we make. In fact, I believe this is one of the main things that define us as a person- the choices we make. As the song says, yes, we are indeed more than the choices we make; however, the choices we make culminate together to make us the person we are.

Everything in life is a choice. Every single choice we make has a consequence- good or bad.

I am somewhat of a klutz. Try as I may, it is almost a given that at any meal I am going to drop something on myself. The example I use to teach my kids choices and consequences starts with this anomaly about their Mommy.

Each morning when I get up and choose my clothes, there are going to be consequences. If I have an appointment or event where I need to look nice, I need to keep in mind how prone I am to dropping food. If I wear a white shirt and drop something on myself it is going to be glaringly obvious. If I wear a darker shirt or a print shirt, it won't be so obvious.

I like using this as an example because it is a benign situation. The world is not going to stop if I wear a white shirt and have a spot on it during an appointment. However, it will probably be a bit embarrassing.

Kids are naturally curious, so when they discover that someone has a different belief than they do, it brings about curiosity and questions. My kids were stunned to realize that not all of their friends believe in God. I told them that everyone has to make that choice for themselves. I cannot choose for my kids to believe in God, and they cannot choose for their friends to believe in God. They can only make that choice for themselves, personally. Each one of us will give an account for our own lives. I will not give an account for your life- you will. (Romans 14:12)

Some people believe it is not right to question God, must less question whether or not He exists. I believe questioning things you believe is healthy. In fact, Thomas Jefferson said, "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear."

I had not heard this quote until a few years ago. By this point in my life I had already come to understand God's grace and mercy. However, I wish- oh, how I wish- I had heard this quote MANY years ago.

My number one spiritual gift is faith. Faith is belief that is not based on proof. Or, as Hebrews 11:1 says,"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. "

I have never doubted in the existence of God. I just did not believe I could ever please Him. All I understood was man-made rules, what God "expected" of us, and how displeased with us He is if we do not "live up to His expectations". Living with this understanding and belief, I could not be "good enough". I would mess up, and feel miserable. I would promise God I would never, ever make that mistake again... only to do it all over again, sometimes in the very same day.

Once I truly understood that this is the very reason why God sent Jesus to die for our sins, it all made sense to me. I was raised in a Christian home and went to church every time the doors were open. Yet, I viewed God through legalistic lenses, not through eyes that understand His Amazing Grace. I feared Him, and I do not mean in the reverent, holy fear. I was so afraid that at any moment He was going to get fed up with my mistakes and that would be it for me. When I finally gave up on religious rules and started living a life of Freedom in Christ, everything changed.

Last night, while talking to my new friend on twitter, she told me she thinks I am too hard on myself when I said none of us are good enough... not even me. I am sure she understood me to mean that I believe that I just keep trying to get "it" right, and just can't seem to.  I used to be that way, but not any longer.

That is the beauty of God's grace. I don't have to try to be good enough. Now that I understand God's grace, it is my desire to live a life that is pleasing to Him. When I mess up- on a DAILY basis- I know His grace is sufficient. I no longer buy into Satan's lies that God is disappointed in me.

I think the real question comes down to this. Who determines what "good enough" is? In a world where everything is subjective, how can I have peace when every one's definition of "good enough" is different? If you have ever lied, it could be said that you are untrustworthy. I do not know anyone who has never told a lie!

The world compares actions and deeds against another person to see how they measure up. That means someone, somewhere down the line, is on the losing end of measuring up.

With God's grace, we all have the same opportunity. None of us have to be on the losing end, because God does not compare us. It is our choice, plain and simple. Good deeds do not save us. Accepting that there is nothing we can do to earn eternal entrance into heaven is very freeing. For someone who likes to be in control of things, it is a double edged sword. Trying to control everything to be good enough, I eventually fail. I have to give up control. Which means the burden is not on me. It now belongs to Jesus. No, this does not mean I go out and do evil things, believing that I will be forgiven. It's not a free ticket to do wrong. It's the opposite. It's the desire to do what is right, but when I make a wrong decision I know I am not condemned. This is truly freedom.

As I said above, all things in life comes down to choice. America, we are at a cross-roads in our history. I ask again if anyone will humble themselves with me in prayer for this nation. We must turn away from the ugliness, repent for where we have gone wrong.

I pray again today for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I believe that God has mighty things in store for this lady. I pray that her rehab is going well. I am sure it is exhausting for her, so I pray that He will give her strength as she does her various tasks through rehab, and rest when she is finished each day. I pray that she will have grace on herself, not to push herself too hard, but to push hard enough that she grows stronger each day. I pray that she will be able to forgive the man that did this to her. I pray that she does not let unforgiveness stay in her heart and make her bitter. Bitterness destroys a person. I continue to pray for her husband Mark Kelly. May he draw his strength from The Lord.

I pray for today's court proceeding. I am very frustrated that our legal system takes so long to hand out justice. I read an article that said this case could drag on for years in the courts. I pray that this is not the case. I pray, by some miracle of God, that this will be swift and just. I still pray that this man's heart will be broken for God, and that he will seek forgiveness for the evil he has committed. But I pray that he is not allowed to manipulate the system and avoid justice. Ms. Giffords, Mr. Kelly, all those who were shot or lost family or friends that day, and the nation as a whole deserve to have this dealt with and resolved.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that God has granted me. I am thankful to be used by Him each day. I am thankful to have a life of peace. I am thankful to be a wife and mother. I pray blessings on this day. In the Name of Jesus- Amen.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I posted yesterday that ALL things ARE possible! I believe this. I KNOW this! But what I doubt is will thing change here in America- or the world, for that matter.

In my mortality, it is my strongest desire to see things turn around. The spiritual side of me knows that according to God's Word, we are heading down the road that has already been prophesied thousands of years ago.

Are we currently living in what many call the End of Days? I do not know. I honestly believe we are, but I do not know this without a doubt. For two thousand years, since Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected, Christians have believed "they" are the ones who are living in the Last Days. In reality, I guess we all are right. We just do not know when the actual end is.

The Bible says that in the Last Days the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12) It saddens my heart to see this reality played out over and over every day in our society. What is even more sad is how many people who call themselves Christian show little or no love for the lost and dying world. Yes, I believe there is a time where God may reveal to you that you should not cast your pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6)- meaning, if someone is not open and receptive to hear Truth, then do not beat a dead horse.

However, I believe we will be held accountable for each and every person that God placed in our life that we did not share the love of God with. No, you cannot force someone to believe or accept God's love, but you can- and should be kind and caring!

As I sit and watch the world go by- either in real life or online- my heart truly breaks at the snide and hateful remarks that are made about people that others do not agree with.  I will not say I have never been in this category myself- I know that I have. While I cannot give you a specific situation, I know I am human, and I know I can and have gotten caught up in the hatefulness that is so prevalent. I was wrong to be involved in this, and this is something I had to go before God about and seek His forgiveness. This, I believe, is exactly what God means in 2 Chronicles 7:14 when He says to humble ourselves and pray, repent, and turn from our wicked ways and He will heal our land. This applies to ALL of us!

I dread the upcoming election of 2012. Yes, I MOST DEFINITELY disagree with President Obama, what he stands for, most all of his decisions, and yes, I MOST DEFINITELY hope and pray he is not re-elected, I dread what comes in between now and the election.

As a Conservative, the Republican Party as it is today does not represent my values and beliefs. While I am a very strong Tea Party advocate, and I believe the Tea Party movement has done a lot to shake things up politically, I have my doubts that much will change. Even if President Obama is not re-elected.

As I watch the game begin for the campaigning, I see that it's the same old people who are stepping up to the plate. First, there is Mitt Romney, who ran in the last election. While he didn't make the primary, and was not the Republican candidate, he put his hat into the ring. He did not win. Then there's the speculations of who will also run. Newt Gingrich. Rudy Giuliani. Donald Trump. Sarah Palin. Michelle Bachman.

Herman Cain has also put his hat into the ring. I remember the CPAC he spoke at- I believe two years ago- was the first time I had ever heard of Herman Cain. I liked what I heard! I had been praying he would run for office, and he has stepped up. But what bothers me is how very few Conservatives have heard of him.

I think our ENTIRE election process needs to be revamped. Why is it that the primaries start, and before I, as a Texan gets to even vote in the primaries, some of the candidates may have already been knocked out of the race?

I also believe that in the election there should not be running mates. I think it should come down to whoever has made it in the last standing- all parties- and the one with the most votes is President, the one with the 2nd highest votes is the Vice President. This would provide more chance of bi-partisan, complete representation of We The People, and less back room deals. Oh, I forgot! The back room deals is what politics is all about!

I remember now why I hated politics for so long. So much of the time the "elite"- on ALL sides- do what they want and refuse to listen to the voice of The People. And they wonder why no one trusts them?!

Without a doubt for the most part the Republican Party is just the opposite side of the same coin as the Democrat Party.

What part of CUT THE SPENDING do you not understand, Washington? Yes, this is going to mean we have to sacrifice a few things! I think the best way to handle the budget is EVERYTHING on the table! Yes, even our defense! The way to do this while still keeping our country safe is to bring ALL of our troops home! Put ALL of our troops on the border of our country! Let the rest of the world fend for themselves! How in the world can we give money away when we are in such drastic debt? That would be like me having absolutely no money to take care of myself- borrowing money from an enemy of mine- and giving it to another enemy of mine. I still haven't helped myself in the situation; I now owe one enemy and have given help to another enemy. How in the world does this make any sense?

As a Christian I believe we are called to help others. But charity starts at home.

ALL of us are going to have to make sacrifices to get our budget under control. ALL of us! We have ALL benefited from feasting at the troughs of abundance and borrowing from future generations, now it's time to step back, be big boys and girls and take responsibility in this situation! I'm sorry that some of the government programs are going to have to be cut, but what we have done with all the government help is to create a bunch of entitled brats who do not want to work for what they need and want. And this applies to people of all ages! While the younger generations are the epitome of this, there are many people in their 30's, 40's and some even beyond who feel they are entitled to things just because they "want" them. No matter that they have not worked for it, so they can actually afford it!

I love helping people! It makes me feel amazing inside when I am able to help someone. But that is MY decision on WHO to help, WHEN I want to help. If I do not help someone, then I am the one who will pay the consequences when I stand before God. Yes, God calls us to help the poor, needy, orphans and widows. However, He DID NOT tell me to give to the government so the government could decide who gets that help!  I have PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in stepping outside of my comfort zone, making choices and sacrifices, to help others in need. And yes, the greedy will have their day!

I blame the Church- the Body of Christ- for why we are where we are. In days past, before government assistance- the Church helped those in need. Now, the Church in large part has become nothing more than a social club with their hand out, all the while the community around them starves- not only spiritually, but physically as well.

I pray desperately for this nation! We have become so pampered to our amenities! We cry injustice if we do not have the latest and greatest inventions, the fastest Internet connection, the best of clothes. We are blessed beyond measure! We are wasting away in our blessings! God has given us our blessings! He can- and WILL- take them away! I pray that America will wake up before that happens! America, I plead with you- humble yourself before God! Turn from your wicked ways! Repent! Seek God's face! He WILL heal our land!

Yes, we are given the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Notice the words here. PURSUIT of happiness, not GUARANTEE of happiness! If you are given everything everything on a silver platter without having to work for it you do not appreciate it. I know from experience! But if I work hard for something, save my money, and go purchase that item, I value it. I take care of it. I cherish it. It will not be thrown by the wayside to collect dust.

I pray that we as a nation will step back and PRAY for each other! In this tragic shooting in Arizona I have heard very few people commit to actually PRAYING for ALL who have been affected by this tragedy. We are to pray for each other. We are to pray for our enemies! (Matthew 5:44) I absolutely DETEST what Jared Loughner did a little more than 2 weeks ago in Tuscon, but I continue to pray for him. I pray for his soul. I pray that God will soften his heart and call him to repent for his evil acts. I pray for his parents, Randy and Amy Loughner, that they will be able to forgive their son and love him unconditionally. I pray that God will give them peace, comfort, strength and safety to get through this as well.

I continually pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords TOTAL and COMPLETE recovery! I pray for her husband, Mark Kelly, that God will give him strength and resolve to get through this. I pray for their parents, extended family and friends, that they will all be surrounded by love. I pray that this nation- Conservatives AND Liberals, will stop blaming others for this horrible event. There is ONE PERSON responsible for this horrendous act of violence- the man that committed the acts- Jared Loughner. Period. I pray that this nation would come together, unite, and work together. It is what America is known for. But the real question is- have we, as a nation, strayed so far from god, that there is not enough love to unite us? Hate cannot unite us. Love unites us. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not rude or self-seeking.It is not easily angered and keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. TRUTH, America, not political spin, lies and accusations! Love always protects, hopes, perseveres- Love NEVER fails!

America- do you love your fellow Americans? Or are you so bent on being CORRECT and getting YOUR way that you cannot stand beside each other and unite in a time that is trying us as a nation? The world watches and sees our discord. It's time to put away the childish things and be adults! Faith, hope and love. The greatest of these things is love! Without love, we have nothing!  (1 Corinthians 13:3-13 reference)

I pray these things from my heavy heart in the Name of Jesus- Amen.