Thursday, January 27, 2011


The more I think about the various things that are going on in our country, the more I realize that it all comes down to one thing. Well, outside of the fact that the people of this nation have strayed so far from God. That fact is first and foremost.

But, if you remove The Divine Creator from the equation (which is impossible for me to do, but for the sake of this argument, we are going to try...), it all comes down to the fact that there is very little common sense left in society.

I could address many, many issues that this applies to. How can someone think that another individual is responsible for them? How can someone think that healthcare will be BETTER if the government runs it? Hello! Have you not looked at the Post Office? Medicaid? Social Security? How can someone think that the cost will be lower for healthcare if the government takes over? How can people think we have money to send aid to all these various countries when we have borrowed against our future generations? How can elected officials make statements that lack any semblance of common sense, when we have actually ELECTED these people? Oh wait... I remember- many of the people who are actually voting do not have common sense, therefore they are not going to vote with common sense!

If you are reading this, and you are a Liberal, please do not misunderstand what I am saying. I am by NO MEANS referring to just one party! I am a Conservative. How some of the elected Conservatives can say things that they say, vote the way they vote, compromise in areas where they KNOW the constituents DO NOT want them to vote that way is beyond me! Some of it I do believe is a lack of common sense, but thee is also elitism- on BOTH sides- and selfishness involved as well- again, on BOTH sides!

When our Founding Fathers created the documents that formed the ideals of this nation, their intent was that the Common Man would be elected to govern the people. In the beginning, this is the way things were. Now, we have such an elite "class" of people who are the majority in leadership, and they forget who they were, if they were ever the common man.

That is one thing I respect about John Boehner. Notice, I said one thing! There are MANY things I disagree with him on. However, I do believe he remembers where he came from! Does he always act like he remembers where he came from? No, I do not believe he does. However, I believe his tears were sincere. I am sure it must be overwhelming to come from meager beginnings to be where he is now. However, if he does not return to his roots, and GOVERN and VOTE as a common man, it's all for nothing! His legacy of the common man taking his place in government once again is lost in the muck and mire of back room deals and compromises. We need our elected leaders to STAND STRONG on their principles! We The People are DEMANDING this!

This ties into the lack of common sense in our country, but more specifically, I think it's a lack of common decency that brought us to the point we are at in the tragic shooting in Arizona. How anyone can blame someone other than the man that actually committed this horrible act is beyond me! No one knows what personal responsibility is anymore! Someone else- a whole class or section of people- have to be at fault when something happens. We truly have lost our way, America!

I may not agree with your politics, religious beliefs, personal life choices, or anything else for that matter, but the ONLY thing YOU are PERSONALLY responsible for is YOUR life! It's not your fault that I need to lose weight. It's not McDonald's fault that I need to lose weight. It's not my mom's fault that I need to lose weight. It's MY fault! The choices I have made have brought me to this point.

When we get caught up in blaming others for everything, we take no responsibility for anything. We erode our character.

When we stand firm on our beliefs, take personal responsibility where we are wrong we build our character.

I am thankful that there are still enough people in this nation that do have common sense.

Even with that being said, I now have to add in the first factor that has brought us to this point in our nation.

God Almighty.

America- my heart aches to see where we have come! We have removed God from so much of our lives! I would think our common sense would kick in and we would be able to say to ourselves THIS is why we are where we are today! America, please join me and let's humble ourselves as a nation before God Almighty! We must repent for our sins as a nation, and personally. We must come together- unite in love for our fellow man. We must find common sense once again.

I continually pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I know that God has performed so many miracles in her life already. I continue to pray for her complete healing! I am anxiously awaiting the news that she is speaking.

I continue to pray for Mark Kelly and the extended family and circle of friends. I pray for strength during this time of healing.

I ask all of these things in the holy Name of Jesus- Amen.

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