Friday, January 28, 2011


I am very tired today. I honestly do not have a lot of words. As I sat thinking about what I was going to pray about for our nation today, I read a post on a site that I visit daily. A line jumped out at me. It is very simple. So simple that many have resisted and rejected the message many times. Many will continue to resist and reject the message.

You are loved beyond measure. No, it's not a love that this world can even fathom. It is a love so real, so sincere, so desperate that your life was ransomed.

If you have seen the news at all the last few months and years, it should be obvious that something is going on in the world. Look at prophecy in The Bible objectively. Don't just fall into the same trap and argument you've used for years. If you are right, then there will be no proof in a book that was written thousands of years ago. Look at the signs that were told would happen. Are they happening now?

If you can realistically look around you and not see prophecy coming alive, I pray for your blinds eyes and hardened heart. I do not say this in judgement, I say this with love.

Time is short, America. Time is short, world. Jesus Christ came into this world to die for YOUR sins! If you had been the ONLY person on earth, He still would have died for you. Your life was ransomed. Will you accept His gift?

You are loved. He will be closing the door of opportunity very soon. Please don't reject His love and sacrifice.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and all affected by that tragedy. My heart is so heavy today.

I pray all these things in Jesus Name- Amen.

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