Monday, February 7, 2011


Over the last several years there have been more and more stories of sexual abuse that just boggle my mind. Yes, I know that sexual abuse has happened throughout the ages, and it's just now becoming more talked about. What is shocking to me is how many women are accused of sexually abusing children.

While any sexual abuse is reprehensible, it's almost "expected" that a fair number of girls will be molested in their childhood. It's not right, it's not acceptable at all, but I think there is semblance of "expectation", so to speak, because of the depravity of our society.

What was not expected, I do not believe, is the large number of males that are also victimized by sexual abuse. It's overwhelming and devastating to realize how rampant it is.

I do not have the actual statistics, but I am a survivor of sexual abuse. It impacted my life for many years and caused me to make many decisions I would have never made had I not been violated. However, thankfully, God has healed me, and actually uses me and my past sexual abuse to help others.

I know firsthand the feeling to the very core of your soul. There are no words in the human language that can adequately describe what being violated sexually actually does to a person. While I've read several account, have seen movies, have relived my experience in my minds eye more times than I ever care to remember, there are still no words that put reality to how it truly feels.

As a girl, being violated destroys a part of you that will never be given back. Yes, I have been restored by the healing, loving, grace of God Almighty, but it does not change the fact of what happened.

I cannot fathom the pain that must be experienced as a male having been violated. There is a part of men that is created so very unique by God that is defined by- hmmmmm- well, I cannot even find the word. My heart aches at the realization of how many men have been impacted by sexual abuse. And yet, again, I truly do not even know the statistics. And even then, I do not believe that the statistics show the reality of the actual sexual abuse that goes on in our society across the board. So many go unreported.

I just read another news article where a female teacher is accused of having sex with 5 students. Why?? I just don't get it! The only real answer lies in this: the moral compass of our society is broken. Previously, women were the gender that, for the most part, kept things morally in check. Now days, women have no more moral compass than men do.

Since this teacher was a high school teacher, and her students were in high school, there will be many people that will claim it was not abuse. I disagree. She is taking advantage of her authority, whether the students "enjoyed" it or not. Whether you are violated by a male or female makes no difference. ALL abuse is WRONG. ALL abuse damages a person more than you can ever imagine.

We are almost at the point where nothing is taboo anymore.

I believe in breaking down the walls of TALKING about things that are taboo, but NOT allowing the taboo to actually become acceptable! And yet, that is the slippery slope we are on.

I may be wrong, but I believe we have crossed the point of no return. Just as in the Old Testament, when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the rampant, unrepentant sins, I believe that our nation- and this world in general, has crossed a point of no return.

Now, do I believe there is hope? ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY there is Hope! ALL Hope is in Christ Jesus! However, too many people refuse to see their sin and have no desire whatsoever to turn away from their sin. This is why I believe we have reached the point of no return.You can't change what you don't acknowledge. (Thank you very much, Dr. Phil!)

Tonight, I pray for ALL victims and survivors of sexual abuse. It's not OK, male or female, to have been victimized. If you have been victimized by sexual abuse, please, please, please know that there IS Hope. His Name Is Jesus Christ. I promise you- your life will NEVER be the same if you just let go and let Him heal you. No, I will not tell you it will be easy. It will not be easy to take that first step, and it most certainly will not be easy to continue the journey of healing. But I can tell you this- it will not be any easier staying in the darkness you are in. I truly pray for you. Reach out your hand to Jesus. When you reach the end of your rope, you will find the hem of His garment. I've been there many times. Lastly, I pray that if you have been sexually abused, you will find a way, and a place in your heart someday, to forgive the one(s) that have hurt you. Forgiveness is not for that person, but for you. It is for your healing, your peace.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. It is my constant prayer that she will be completely healed from her head injury. I pray that I will be able to witness her walking back into the halls of Congress. I know that she will get a standing ovation from the entire country when this happens! I also continue to pray for her husband, Mark Kelly.

I continue to pray for my friend, a tough army wife. Yes, she is tough, and faces the trials of this world, but she is human. I am thankful that God has given her a husband that is there to support her and hold her up in her times of need. It truly is a blessing beyond measure to have been gifted with a spouse that is truly a partner. I am blessed, just as she is, in this way. I pray for her husband as well. I pray that God will bind them together in His love, hold them up in His arms, and give them both the strength and rest they need- physically, mentally and emotionally.

I continue to pray for this nation. We truly are in need of God's saving grace. Will we as a nation turn to Him? I pray... oh my Lord, I pray that we do!

I pray all of these things in the precious Name of Jesus Christ- Amen.

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