Friday, March 25, 2011


I received an email today that is going to be the topic of today's post. My brother sent me the email, and he had added a note that yes, this was his niece (his wife's sister's daughter). I called him and asked him if he could get their permission to post the picture on my blog entry for today, because I have never seen anything so beautiful in all of my life!

When I talked to my brother after he talked to his brother-in-law, he told me he was surprised to find out that it is not his niece! This is an email that was actually forwarded to his brother-in-law. They are all amazed at how much like this little girl my brother's niece actually looks.

So, I am going to post the picture, as the note at the bottom of the page says to forward to your friends. If the parents of this child sees the picture and would like it to be removed, please let me know. I would never want to offend them in any ways.

So, before I go any further, here is the email text, as well as the picture, of the original email I was sent:

Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.


Yes, this most definitely counts, sweetheart!

This little girl understands more than most adults do. While I believe that it is imperative and very beneficial to read, study, disect, meditate and analyze Scripture to grow in our faith, walk and understanding of God, I beleive that a lot of times our analyzing gets in the way of the true heart of the matter. As my husband has said before, too often, the most "intellectual" of minds have absolutely no faith in God because He cannot be explained. Faith is believing in the unseen.

Luke 18:17 says, "Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Today, I saw the picture of this Scripture. If we would only take God's Word at face value as this llittle girl has and obey Him, I believe that this world would change almost overnight! To have the faith of this child would impact the Spiritual World and turn it upside down!

In her innocent little mind and heart, her little dollies are just as capable to be taught to obey the Word of God as she is. Oh, to have that innocence once again!

Lord God, I pray that You will strip the jaded areas of my heart and help me to have the tender heart of this precious little girl.  I pray that anyone who happens across this posting will be touched as I was. This little girl could teach all of us invaluable lessons.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Giffords. I heard a news report saying that her husband, Mark Kelly, has said she is starting to process what has happened to her, her staff, and her supporters that horrible day. I pray that You will protect her heart and keep her safe in Your arms of love. Help her to process, heal and grow from this tragedy. Please do not let this tragedy turn to bitterness in heart.

As always, I continue to pray for justice for the man that committed this horrible crime. I pray that political correctness will not be allowed to get in the way of justice. I also continue to pray for his heart and soul. In the last report I heard he is still very unrepentant for his actions.

I pray for this nation. Lord, that this nation would see through the eyes of this innocent little girl! My mind cannot comprehend what would happen if this became reality. I pray that the people of America would fall on her face before You and ask for forgiveness in the numerous areas where we are going on the wrong path. Soften this nations heart and open her blinded eyes to Your Truth once again!

I pray for President Obama. Lord, Your Word instructs us to pray for our enemies. Many will read this statement and see it as a personal or political attack against Mr. Obama. Lord, You know my heart. You know this is not my words, but Mr. Obama's that I repeat. He did come out later and say that his comment was a mistake, and I can accept that. However, and most unfortunately, I do not believe this is the way he truly feels. I believe to the very core of my soul that his agenda is the enemy of this Republic- One Nation Under God.Actions speak louder than words. I continue to pray that he will humble himself before You and seek Your ways rather than his own agenda.

As I do always, I continue to pray for the nation and people of Israel. Protect her and guide her Lord God. Hide her in the shadow of Your wings. Bless her and keep her. Each day more countries and more people come out to stand against her. I pray that their hearts will be softened and their blinded eyes will be opened as well. Your Word tells us in Genesis 12:3 very plainly- all blessings and curses are given depending on how we treat the nation and people of Israel. I pray that they will turn their eyes upon You and trust completely in Your ancient promises!

I pray all of these things in the precious Name of Jesus Christ- Amen.

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