Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am in the midst of Spring Cleaning. This year, I have a completely different attitude than I've had in a very long time.

While I've gone through different stages over the years, so much of the time my Spring Cleaning ends up being just getting rid of clothes that no longer fit the kids and doing my really deep cleaning, like behind the refrigerator and things of that nature that are not in my weekly list of chores.

This year, something is different. I am getting rid of so many things that we just do not use!

As I am going through the kids clothes I am amazed at how much we have amassed. God has blessed us beyond measure, in this area! I am all about a bargain, and with 5 children that is an absolute must! A lot of my children's clothes are hand-me-downs, but the ones that are bought for them are without a doubt a bargain! And I am not at all ashamed to say this!

I had hoped to finish my Spring Cleaning this weekend, but, it is not going to happen. I am finding that I am looking at everything differently. If we do not use it or need it, it is going out!

This has brought me to a question within myself. Yes, without a doubt I know that we are blessed beyond measure! However, have these blessings turned into making us nothing more than spoiled brats? I pray that I will never take for granted the many blessings God has given me and my family, but when I sit down and really think about all that we have..... yes, sadly, I do take it all for granted.

Several natural disasters have hit the world in the last couple of years. While yes, there are always natural disasters, in a day and time when there is 24-hour news coverage of these disasters I believe it has a different effect than previously.

When we are inundated with the images of so much grief and destruction... how do we respond? Do we go into a shell and mourn for the loss that others experience? Do we look around at our surroundings and realize that in an instant all that we have can be gone? It is a sobering thought.

Yes, I am blessed beyond measure. But I am also very spoiled.

Lord God, I thank You for Your abundant blessings in my life. While I know that I am not only blessed, but also the realization has hit that I am also very spoiled. It is time for me to get back to the basics. If something is not needed or used or does not have a place in our home, it is time to let it go.I pray that You will help me look through these renewed eyes as I continue this Spring Cleaning.

I pray for this nation. We, as a nation, are blessed beyond measure as well! In this new realization I have become so very sad for America! Very few people realize how blessed we are, I believe. I pray that this nation will wake up before it is too late! I pray that this nation will humble herself before You and praise You for Your endless blessings in this nation.

I pray for our President. I pray for all elected leaders who are making our laws. So many laws of this land are being broken. Lord God, I pray for truth and justice to prevail!

As always, I pray for Congresswoman Giffords. She is truly blessed in her life being spared by the senseless attack on her! I pray that this nation would look upon the miracle of her life and realize the blessing and miracle You have shown us through her.

I pray for the nation and people of Israel. Lord God, every day more and more anger is being hurled upon Your chosen people! Keep them safe, I pray. Hide them in the shadow of Your wings (Psalm 91).

I pray all of these things in the Name of Jesus Christ- Giver of Life and all blessings- Amen!

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