Monday, March 28, 2011


Yesterday I took my girls out for the day with me. We went to get their hair cut, stopped in a couple of different places to pick up some things I needed, picked up snow cones for everyone and headed home.

As we were driving around, music playing, the two girls singling along with the music, my 9-year-old asked me, "Mom, when he is singing about the angel of light is he talking about Satan?"

This is one of those moments as a Mommy where you just have to smile in amazement! Yes, she actually gets it! I told her yes, that's exactly who it was talking about, what made her realize that. She told me that when he was singing about "you lied from the beginning" she knew it couldn't be God because God doesn't want us to lie. Ahhhh, the beauty of innocence!

The song we were listening to is "Angel of Light" by Petra. You never know what will be the one thing that helps someone understand something, whether they are a child or adult.

After this question we had a long discussion about how Satan presents himself to us as light when in reality he is darkness. It was a great conversation- one I will never forget! It's the one moment in time where I know without a doubt she gets it! It is the answer to the prayers of this mommy's heart!

Little could I have known that at that very moment we, as a family, were caught up in the deception of The Angel of Light.

Rather than going into further detail here I am simply going to add the link to the article I posted on the other site I contribute to. If you want to know the rest of the story, please click this link: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire

Lord God, I thank You for revealing the Truth in the deceptions of the Angel of Light. Please continue to protect my family from the enemy. I know he seeks to steal, kill and destroy every single one of us. I pray that You will place Your arms of protection around all of our lives and souls.

I pray tonight for Congresswoman Giffords. Protect her from any lies that Satan is telling her. Help her to hold on to Your truth in her healing and recovery.

I pray for this nation. I pray that we as a nation will have our blinded eyes opened to the lies of Satan. So many have fallen for his lies. He is stealing, killing and destroying this nation. I pray that the people will wake up!

I pray for President Obama! There are so many lies that encircle his administration! I pray that You will shine Your light of Truth on all aspects of this presidency and his entire administration. I pray also for all of our elected leaders. There are many lies intertwined throughout our entire government system. Both parties- Republicans and Democrats- are guilty of lying to us and each other in leadership. I pray that Your light of Truth will shine on all of our elected officials.

I pray for the nation and people of Israel. Hold them safe in Your arms of love and protection. Guide them to Your Light of Truth.

I pray all of these things in the precious Name of Your Son Jesus Christ- Amen.

Performed by Petra
Words and music by Bob HartmanCity lights are flashing, they call you to the streets
Hearts are filled with passion in everyone you meet
The Boulevard is waiting, it wants to get you high
Neon signs are waiting to sell you anything you want to buy
But I know your devices, it shouldn't seem so odd
You lied from the beginning, I see through your facade

Angel of light, I see you glow in the night
But you only bring darkness to my soul
Angel of light, You're telling me wrong is right
I won't let you're evil take control

They follow in your footsteps not knowing that you fell
Bumper to bumper on the freeway to hell
You lead them into wrong and you make it look so right
You lead them into darkness and make them think you lead them into light
But I know where you're going, too bad you're not alone
If it wasn't for the real light I might have never known

You got the clergy working overtime to widen the narrow way
You've got politicians everywhere listening to what you say
You've got false apostles teaching lies perverting the only way
You've got principalities and powers waiting to obey
You've got philosophies and vain deceits lying to deceive
You've got hate, and greed, ungodly lusts in the deadly web you weave
Somehow you've got so many thinking you're not even there
One look is all it takes to get them blinded by your glare

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