Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This will be another one of those short and sweet posts.

There is so much hurt and pain going on in the world right now. I pray for all of these needs.

I pray for Congresswoman Giffords healing. She has made much progress, and I continue to pray for complete healing.

I pray for the healing of this nation. I know it will take the humbling of this nation for this to even be possible. With God, ALL things are possible!

I pray for healing in Israel. So much pain has come to this beautiful nation. Heal the land of Israel, Lord God, I beg of You!

I pray for healing for the brokenhearted.

I pray for sleep for the insomniacs.

I pray for healing of those who have endured persecution. Lord God, You tell us in Your Word that we will be hated for Your Name Sake. (Luke 21:17) Keep these hurting souls strong in You, Lord God. Love them and protect their hurts though their bodies are attacked.

I pray for healing for the women who have chosen abortion. The lie from Satan is that no one is hurt. This is a deception from the pits of hell! Not only is a life ended by aborting the child, but the emotional pain caused to these women is a deep wound that needs Your healing touch, Lord God.

I pray for our president. He seems to have so much bitterness and anger. Whatever the source of his hatred for the nation he leads comes from, I pray that You will heal him from those hurts. He says that he loves this country, but actions speak louder than words, Lord God.

We all need Your loving touch of healing in our lives.

I pray these things in the precious Name of Jesus- Amen.

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