Sunday, March 13, 2011


I thought I would be a bit "cute" tonight.

Since tonight is the night that time changes- yet again- I thought a reminder might be a good idea. I honestly just wish they would keep the time the same all year round! It takes me a month to get readjusted when the time changes, so 2 months out of the year I'm all out of whack just because the time changes on me.

I think it is fitting, in another sense, because it seems like that every day times are changing more and more. As a believer in Christ, and a believer in the rapture, I firmly believe we are in the end times. How soon will the rapture be? That I do not know. I know there is a prediction that says the rapture will happen in May of this year. There are some that believe it is far off from now. And then, many still, that do not believe it will happen at all. I, however, do believe that it is soon.

Reading the news headlines these days are just like opening up The Bible and reading prophecy.

As we see devastation all around the world, I pray that blinded eyes will be opened and hardened hearts will be softened. Times, they are a'chanin'- on a daily, and sometimes even hourly basis!

Lord God, we are not promised tomorrow. We do not know when the rapture will happen. Nor do we know when our time on earth is through. I pray that I will fulfill the purpose You have for me in this life. I know that I fail You every day. Please forgive me for my shortfalls. Help me to keep my eyes on You and not get sidetracked by the things of the world that are so overwhelming at times.

I pray that the people who are searching for answers will seek to find You. Reveal Yourself to them, Lord Jesus! You are the Author and Finisher of all things.

I thank You and praise You for the wonderful news that Congresswoman Giffords will be able to attend the shuttle launch of her husband. I pray that You will continue to heal her. I pray that she will walk back onto the floor of Congress this year!

I continue to pray for President Obama. Lord God, humble his heart before You. I pray for this country. We need You desperately!

I pray all of these things in Jesus Name- Amen.

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