Friday, March 11, 2011


Tonight is another night of just a simple prayer. There are no words to really express the devastation in Japan after the earthquake that happened almost 24 hours ago.

I first heard of the earthquake when I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I had fallen asleep with the TV on. When I realized what was going on, I immediately started praying for all who have been affected by this tragedy.

There are hundreds who are confirmed dead, thousands who are still missing. Cruise ships have been washed away, a commuter train that is completely missing, and debris scattered for hundreds of miles or more.

There are still aftershocks going on at this very moment. There are tsunamis going on all around the the Pacific Ocean from this earthquake are causing problems in many other areas.

I pray for all who are still missing. I pray that we will witness many miracles over the next few days.

Lord Jesus, please comfort all who have families and friends who have been killed or are missing in this earthquake. When these tragedies happen there are always so many questions. I pray that You will be the comfort for these hurting hearts. Please help the rescuers find those who are still missing.

I also pray for the situation with the nuclear power plants. There is now a state of emergency because of this aspect of things.

I pray for President Obama. Lord, my prayer is the same as it is always. I pray that he will humble himself before You, seek Your ways over his own, and lead this nation in a righteous and just way. We need true leadership right now, Lord.

I praise You and thank You for the miracle in Congresswoman Giffords progress. The news of her being able to attend her husband's shuttle launch is amazing news! I wait for the day she will walk back onto the floor of Congress! All praise and glory and honor be to You, Jesus!

I pray all of these things in Jesus Name- Amen.

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