Sunday, March 6, 2011


Without going into the gory details, I am going to use this space tonight to ask that anyone who reads this post pray for me tonight.  It is very rare that I have the attitude that I have today. I know that my attitude is not right. I am angry, disgusted and fed up! Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who loves me and is supporting me and loving me and helping me with this. Thankfully I am not alone in dealing with it all.

Lord God, I am sorry that my attitude is not right. Please forgive me. Please give me strength, courage, and the right attitude. Please help me to find the necessary means to address the issue we are facing.

I pray tonight as I always do for Congresswoman Giffords. I know the adversities she faces are enormous compared to mine. Please keep her safe and continue to heal her.

I humbly pray these things in the Name of Jesus Christ- Amen.

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