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Tonight, I dedicate my post to a very special online friend. Over the last few months I've talked with her many times, and her heart for God truly blesses me. There is a mysterious beauty that has drawn me to her. In fact, she reminds me of what I believe one of my Biblical heroes was like. Though I have no idea of her past, I cannot say that the similarities go beyond my minds eye. In fact, I do not know much of her story. However, she reminds me of Rahab.

Eliana, my heart and prayers are with you tonight. 

Eliana's bio on her twitter account says that she is a Goodwill Ambassador. Maybe this is why she reminds me so much of Rahab. Rahab risked her life and everything she had to help the spies that went to search out Jericho. Though Rahab was not a Jew, she stood with the nation of Israel and risked her life to help the Jews. She, as an outsider, recognized that God Almighty Is the One True God, and she gave her everything to serve Him. This is how I see Eliana in my minds eye. The difference is that Eliana IS a Jew- and I am honored to know her!

Today has been a very rough day for Eliana. She has been in my prayers throughout the day. As I logged on to twitter tonight, she had sent a tweet to myself and a couple of other people who had shown her love earlier in the day. As I began talking with her this evening, I told her that I was glad God had used me to help someone I love. It is always a pleasure and honor when He uses me this way. I also told her that one thing I have learned is that it is in my toughest times in life that I grow stronger in my faith, my trust and my relationship with God. I reassured her that God is in control. I know that she knows this already, but I also know that when we are at our lowest, it is such a comfort to know that there are others around us lifting us up before our Heavenly Father.

As we talked further, Eliana said something that I told her I would never forget. She said that we, on twitter, are a community of souls and somehow we beat distance and time and try to keep it together. This has struck my heart in a way that I do not believe I can adequately describe.

I have been online for many years. In fact, I was online before most of society realized what online was. I have been in chat rooms since they began, and I have seen a little bit of everything. I had a myspace page, but never got into it much. I have a Facebook page, but despise it, with the exception of being able to say hello to old friends that I haven't seen in years. However, Facebook becomes so trivial so much of the time. There are so many mindless games- whether it is an actual game that you log onto play, a farm that you have to work, a mafia that you have to... what do you even do in the mafia???.... or the games that people play amongst themselves- what I call drama. Then there's the games of answering all the questions about who you are, what you like, who was your first kiss, and on and on and on.

When twitter first came out I had no interest. I heard some TV personalities talking about how they update people on twitter of what they are doing... and one even said she would let people know if she was shopping and such. Nope, not my kind of thing. So it wasn't until much later that I even checked it out.  When I discovered I could find like minded people that would actually tweet back and forth with me on ideas and thoughts, then I started getting interested.

Twitter has become my politically outlet. I am a stay-at-home mom of 5. My youngest is 3-years-old, so much of the day I am singing rhyming songs, watching cartoons, dancing around the living room with my baby boy, playing with block, reading nursery rhymes... and then comes homework time. Now, please do not misunderstand- I would not change my days for ANYTHING in this world! My children are TRUE blessings from God Almighty! My husband and I tried for many years to have children, and were unsuccessful. But, as always, God had a plan for us! I love every single day of playing with my children.

HOWEVER, there are times when a woman just has to have some adult conversation of some kind during the day! Most of my friends in the real world are not interested in politics, so twitter has become my online outlet to vent politically.

When Eliana said tonight that we are a community of souls, it touched my heart in a way that I just cannot explain. Yes, indeed, we are a community of souls! There have been days when I'm so angry with what is going on politically, or in this world, or something else, and I have gone on twitter and ranted and raved. I have gotten in deep conversations, trivial conversations, light hearted conversations, serious conversations... you name it, I've gotten into it. Yes, indeed, we are a community of souls! And just as in the real world, on twitter I set my personal boundaries. I am not online to debate and change people's minds to think and believe the way I do. I am online to connect with people. If they believe differently than I do, so be it. As long as there is respect, I have no problem at all discussing issues.

Unfortunately, there are times when someone seeks me out to debate me or discount my beliefs of political standing. If they approach me respectfully I am all up for discussion- as long as it is grounded in common sense. However, if you come at me with personal attacks and stupidity, I just don't have the time. I have enough drama in real life from my 9-year-old daughter, I certainly do not need it online.

And then, there are those special people that come along. A community of souls.

Lord God, I thank You so much for twitter. Yes, it may be trivial to many people, but it is a true gift to many others. I thank You that we are indeed a community of souls. There are many people who love You and honor You. It is such an honor to know these people. In the world we live in today, there are so many that do not love and respect You. Oh, I know... it's been this way throughout history. However, to have that bond with people is just beautiful! You made us relational people. I am so thankful that this is an outlet that we have in modern times.

I thank You for Eliana. Please be with her tonight. Comfort her and keep her. Help her to feel Your loving arms around her. She knows that You will never leave her or forsake her, but the heaviness of this world becomes overwhelming at times. Help her to cling to You and not be overwhelmed. I pray that You will use this time in her life to draw her closer to You.

I pray for Congresswoman Giffords, as I do each day. In fact, this community of souls has been a source of comfort and an outlet for me in her tragedy. I had so many emotions going on and I knew I had to do something with it. That is how this blog came to be. You have evolved it into many things, but I am enjoying seeing what You do each day through my life, my writings and my prayers.

I pray for President Obama. Lord God- please humble this man! I know You will not force anyone to do anything against their will, but I pray for this man.

I also pray for Israel's leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. I pray the he will seek Your will and Your ways, just as I pray the same each day for President Obama.

I know through Your prophecy that eventually he whole world will turn against Israel. Lord God, protect the apple of Your eye! I know You will, but it saddens me to see so much hate in the world for Your chosen people. The news of the Jewish family that were slaughtered simply because they were Jews literally makes me sick at my stomach! The hate in this world becomes overwhelming! Lord, You say that vengeance is Yours... I trust and hold on to that, but right now, I want vengeance for that family! Lord, why, why, why? They murdered a 3-month-old baby! Senseless murder is never right, but this baby!!! Yes, Lord, I am angry! I am sad, too, most definitely! But right now my anger burns inside of me for this senseless murder! I pray that You will help me to do what You would have me to do with this. I know I should not have looked at the graphic pictures, but I did. Like a moth to a flame, which now has me burning with intense anger. Lord God, please bring justice to this act of violence. I plead with You!

Lord God, the world is literally falling apart at the seams! I know You are in control! Please open the eyes of the blind and soften the hardened hearts that refuse to see who You Are.

All praise and glory and honor belong to You, Jesus. I pray all these things in Your precious, holy Name, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach- Amen.

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