Monday, January 31, 2011


One of the news headlines today is that Mark Kelly, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' husband, has a tough choice to make concerning the Shuttle Mission he is scheduled to lead in April. I cannot imagine the position this man is in right now.

In any other circumstance, I'm sure it would be a no brainer for him. His wife has been wounded and has major rehabilitation she is undergoing. Under any other circumstance, I'm sure he would simply say, "There will be next time."

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the president is ending our space program, this is very likely to be the last shuttle mission. This is a historic event for the country, as well as for Mark Kelly's career.

I am angry that Mr. Kelly is put in this difficult situation. Yes, of course I am angry that his wife has been shot. This should have never happened! It is a senseless tragedy, perpetrated by a very evil man that I pray receives justice.

But I am also angry that our nation is being eroded from the inside out. Ending our space program is senseless and irresponsible!

I honestly do not have the heart or energy to argue the politics of this today. My heart simply is so very heavy for a man who has already given so much to his country. Our space program provides for our security as a nation, as well as many other things. I salute Mr. Kelly, and thank him for his service. My heart is heavy that he has to make this tough choice. I cannot imagine the turmoil he must be in right now.

Lord God, I pray that You will provide Mr. Mark Kelly with Your peace that passes all understanding. Lord, I pray that You will guide him and direct him in Your path. I pray that You will continue to perform the miracle this nation is witnessing through the restored life of Congresswoman Giffords. May Your love and light shine abundantly through this tragedy to show beauty this nation has never imagined!

I pray these things in Jesus' holy Name- Amen.

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