Saturday, January 15, 2011


One week ago our nation was struck once again with tragedy. It was as if time stood still as the nation, and the world, watched the aftermath of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other people.
Over the last week, a lot has happened. Thankfully, the perpetrator was arrested at the scene.
However, the tension in our nation has heated up drastically. And today, one of the shooting victims was arrested for making a threat against another person, who he feels is a part of the problem that caused the shooting. (I am assuming this is what he thinks.)
Daily it seems our nation is slipping deeper and deeper into darkness.  Yes, there are many, many miracles that have come from this tragedy, least of which is that Congresswoman Giffords is making wonderful progress in her recovery. They say she is not out of the woods yet, but her progress is promising. Today, I continue to pray, as I have every day since this tragedy, that she will make a speedy and complete recovery. I pray that she will be healed and be able to continue serving in Congress.  I pray that her husband will continue to have strength, resolve, courage and peace during this continued recovery. I pray that he will find it within him to forgive the man that committed this horrible act, just as Congresswoman Giffords will, and all the others who were attacked last Saturday.  I pray for each of them to be able to forgive him, so that their hearts may be at peace. I pray against the unforgiveness that would cause bitterness to destroy each of them.
I continue to pray for Jared Loughner. I pray that he will come to a place of repentance. As always, I pray that he will receive justice for his actions, which in my mind; the only justice would be the death penalty. I pray for Jared’s parents. I pray that they will find peace and comfort in Jesus Christ. This has to be devastating to them. I pray for their marriage. Lord, I pray that You will bind them together in Your love. Help them to forgive their son.
I pray for this nation. I pray that the accusations would stop. I pray that people would stop trying to use this tragedy to further their agenda. I pray that none of our freedoms are jeopardized because of this violent act.
I pray for this nation to humble herself before You, Lord God. I know that You will heal our land, if we will humble ourselves and repent from our wicked ways. We have strayed so far from You, Jesus. The apathy that runs deep in the veins of America is frightening. This is not the country I grew up in. Lord, please wrap Your arms around this nation. Reveal Yourself to her in a way she’s never experienced. Soften hearts to Your ways. Draw us closer to You, Lord God.
I pray these things in the Name of Jesus- Amen.

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