Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My heart grows heavier with each passing day since the tragedy in Arizona. I’m beginning to realize a lot of things- things that have laid just beyond my mind’s recollection, and facing a lot of facts that I haven’t really wanted to face.
First and foremost, I’m beginning to realize why this is affecting me so much. I am a survivor of a personal tragedy almost 10 years ago. I witnessed the suicide of my first husband. God has healed me beyond my wildest imagination since this horrific experience, and He has used me to share my testimony of tragedy and healing.
Maybe that is why I am so drawn to pray for all who are affected in this senseless murder. I know God has called me to be a prayer warrior, and I know that prayer and my faith in God is the ONLY things that kept me from taking my own life during my personal tragedy.
I have learned that God’s Word is indeed true, even when it seems impossible. Romans 8:28 says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
This Scripture did not say MOST things, it says ALL things. I love God with all that I am, and I know without a doubt I have been called for a purpose by God. This is a Scripture that I held onto during my hard times. I had no idea how God would work this tragedy for good, but I held on to His promise.

I never could have imagined the ways God would use this horrible incident- which Satan wanted to use to destroy me. As I look back over the last almost 10 years of my life, I smile at the wonder of God.

This is what I have to hold on to in the wake of the Arizona massacre less than a week ago. I know that God will work this for good for those who love Him. What makes my heart heavy is those who do not love God.

The political attacks and accusations are appalling! If there were facts to support the accusations, I would be one of the first ones to step up and say this madman was a political lunatic- whether he was on the right or the left. As I have said in a previous post, my husband said if he is politically motivated, he would be in that weird category where the extreme right and the extreme left overlap. But, evidence has come out saying Loughner was not a political person at all. Plain and simple he is just a monster.

It does not make me happy or proud to use that description, but the facts are the facts. I continue to pray for Jared Loughner. I continue to pray that God will soften his heart. I pray that Jared will repent for his sins and make his eternal soul right with God. Jesus Christ died for every single one of us. From the most horrific of murderers to the baby who does not understand his sin nature yet- Jesus died for each and every one of us. Though I believe that Jared Loughner should receive the earthly, mortal punishment of death, I pray that he will repent of his sins before his death.

I pray desperately for Amy and Randy Loughner. They are dealing with the realization that this national tragedy is caused by their own son. They are asking themselves what they could have done to prevent this. They may never know if there were things they could have done to prevent it. In all likelihood, if they had realized how far things had gone with their son, they could not have forced him to get mental help, because he is an adult. I do not know for a fact, but I can imagine, from what we do know about Jared Loughner, that he would have done whatever he was going to do, no matter what anyone did or said.

Did the parenting style of Amy and Randy Loughner play a part in his actions? We don’t know. And it is not for us to speculate. When we speculate, then you must open the door for every action each of your children make to be judged with the same ruler.
As a whole, I do believe our society is responsible for why things are the way they are. No, I do not believe society is to blame. ONLY Jared Loughner is to blame. He is the only one who chose to take the actions he took.

But I do believe our society is responsible for not holding people accountable for their own actions. Society is continually making excuses for why a person did this or that. Oh, they were abused, so we must be lenient on them for their actions.

I have had horrible things happen to me in my life. When I made bad choices, I received bad consequences. I was not allowed to blame others for my actions. Our society has been weakened by allowing excuses to take priority over consequences.

My heart remains heavy to see the country still so divided over this tragedy. My heart grows heavier and heavier as we get closer to tonight’s memorial service, which President Obama will be speaking at. God Almighty, how I pray that he will step up and be a leader tonight! I pray that he will be a unifier in this tragedy, admonishing his political party for their accusations. I pray that he will speak the same words he spoke in defense of the Muslim who attacked the soldiers at Ft. Hood, when he said do not jump to conclusions. He has not spoke out against the lies and attacks from his political party.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I continue to pray for her speedy and complete recovery. I pray that God will continue to work miracles in Ms. Giffords life as He has already done. I pray that she will have full use of her body and mind, that there will be no setbacks in her recovery, and that she will come through this tragedy stronger than she was. I pray that if she does not know Christ as her Savior that her eyes will be unveiled to reveal the majesty and glory of Messiah.  Her life- this tragedy- has a purpose. I pray that she will allow God to use it for good where Satan intended to steal, kill and destroy.

I pray for this nation, that the hatred and division will be put to rest. I pray that this nation would humble itself before You, God, and repent for her sins so that You will heal our land. I pray for each of our leaders. The President, Vice President, all Senators, Congressmen, and other leaders with authority. I pray that they will seek Your face, Father God, to do Your will.
I pray these things in the precious Name of Jesus Christ- Amen.

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