Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It amazes me, in a very sad way, how hypocrisy is such an intricate part of society today. Just a little more than a month ago Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was gunned down by a sociopath. Before she made it to the hospital, accusations from the main stream media and political left that the "Tea Party/Conservatives/Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Fox News people" were behind this or the cause of it.

We heard endless reports of how the rhetoric had gotten out of hand. It was "Sarah Palin's fault" because she had put a map of The United States up during the 2010 campaign with pictures of "targets" over specific Congressional seats. Congresswoman Giffords was one of the people in office that was "targeted."

Now, let me jump ahead of myself here and say that this day changed me in a lot of ways, forever. Before this day there was a particular personality that is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity that just made me sick! Until this day! Well, it wasn't this day, meaning that he did not speak out this day, but just a few days later we heard from him. Who might this be, you ask? Bob Beckell.

I now have a respect for Bob Beckell that I could never imagined I would have. He talked about how he had used pictures of "targets" and called Republican candidates "targets" during the campaigns he has previously been in charge of. He said it's all just political talk.

Finally! A voice of reason on the left! To blame this horrific incident on Sarah Palin, the Right, the Tea Party, or Conservatives is just ridiculous! Plain and simple, this horrendous tragedy was caused by one person and one person alone- the man who pulled the trigger that day and affected so many lives.

A few days later, the President addressed the nation. I was hoping he would use this opportunity to try to finally unite this nation. While what he said was not wrong, I do not believe he spoke boldly enough to his own party. This President himself has spoken words of derogatory and "threatening" rhetoric during his campaign, as well as speeches since he's actually been in office. He is the President of THE UNITED STATES- ALL CITIZENS of The United States, not just his party and supporters!

And here we are, just a few days past the one month mark of this horrible tragedy in Arizona that changed Congresswoman Giffords life and so many others, and the political left is not only speaking angry, violent and threatening rhetoric, but there have already been acts of violence from them.

This situation in Wisconsin could very well be the straw that breaks the camels back if things continue to spin out of control as they are now. I read an article today that says that it is the "goal" of the radical political left to have protests at every state capital.

Let me just interject here and say yes, absolutely I believe in the right to have all voices heard. I absolutely believe in the right to assemble and protest. But it is not just one side that should be heard! The unions feel they should be the only one to get their way. Life doesn't work that way.

Here we are, in very dire financial straits as a nation, as individual states, as counties, as cities, and in our personal homes. We all are having to reorganize our priorities. The political left loves to talk about how Conservatives are "greedy" and are all out "just for money". Interesting! It is greed, plain and simple, that is driving the union to protest right now! They have no idea how blessed they are! They are upset that they are going to have to contribute to their retirement and healthcare just a bit. Cry me a river! In the private sector MANY people have to pay the ENTIRETY of their pensions and healthcare!

Thanks to the illegal passing of Obamacare, my husband's company had to change the way they do their healthcare. The insurance company went up on their costs, therefore my husband's company had to go up on the cost to the employee. My husband used to have his insurance paid for, but we had to pay for mine. Now, he has to contribute to his, and my cost increased significantly! Welcome to the real world, union workers! We all have to reorganize our priorities! If there is no money, there is no money! What part of this do you not understand?

The hypocrisy of the political left is absolutely disgusting. But, in reality, it's not just the political left. The Republicans who do not stand up and make the tough decisions for what is best for this nation are no better! Yes, I believe in compromise, but it's just like a parent who gives a spoiled child whatever they want when the parent does not have the financial means to provide what the spoiled child wants.

The end result is never good in the situation of a parent who just can't say no to a spoiled child. In the same way, the end result for our nation is not going to be good if we do not have leaders who will stand up and make the tough decisions! It's called tough love! Any good parent knows this and understands it! Those who do not give their children tough love when necessary eventually live to regret it. They do nothing but harm their children even further. In the same way, these politicians are only harming this nation further! The Democratic state senators who have fled Wisconsin are nothing but cowards! Fine if they do not want to vote the tough choices, but at least have the guts to stand up and vote!

God, please help this country! We are in trouble!

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Giffords. I continue to pray that You will use her tragedy to unite this nation. You have already turned this tragedy into triumph, and I can't wait to see Your marvelous work in her life!

I pray for the state of Wisconsin, Governor Walker and all those who are in this process. Please keep all of the leaders of this nation safe.

I pray these things in Jesus Name, Amen.

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