Thursday, April 7, 2011


We all make plans. Endless plans. Tomorrow I will..... next week I will...... next month I will...... next year I will. The fact of the matter is none of us know what the next moment holds, much less the next day, the next month or the next year.

Are there people in your life that have forgotten how you feel about them? Is there someone in your life that may doubt your love for them? Have you left something unsettled between you and someone?

Almost 10 years ago my life changed in an instant. I've written here about it before. It was the night my first husband took his own life.

For many years I was tormented by the things that were left unsaid. I was haunted by the things that had been said but never been made right.

Thankfully, I now have peace with all that is involved with this death. However, I went through many years of turmoil in just dealing with the emotions of the event, not to mention the things that were left unsettled.

You do not know what tomorrow holds. There is no time like the present to make things right. No matter what it is, no matter who it is with... make sure those you love know that you love them. You just never know what tomorrow may bring.

Lord God, I pray for peace in the lives of those who read this who may be in turmoil. I pray that You will be the Peace that passes all understanding to their soul.

I pray for this nation. I pray for our president. I pray that as a nation we will humble ourselves before You.

I pray for Congresswoman Giffords. She, more than most of us, realize the truth to the statement "there is no time like the present." I praise You for sparing her life. I pray You will use her life mightily for Your glory and honor.

I pray for the nation and people of Israel. I pray that You will keep her safe. Guide her and protect her.

I pray these things in the precious Name of Jesus- Amen.

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