Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today's society has become a train wreck. There are no other words that can adequately describe the times we are living in. It is morbid, sad, tragic, crippling and deadly, all at the same time.

Why is it that we, as society, have allowed ourselves to become what we are? In reality, it's no wonder how we have become what we have. The real question is why have we allowed ourselves to slip this far into the abyss?

At any given point in time the "News of the Day" is about a spoiled actor or actress who's latest drama is not a movie premier, but is instead their real life drama. What is even more sad than the actual drama is how people tune in to whatever channel is playing the dysfunction for the moment to see what the latest drama of the moment is.

It's like a train wreck that everyone breaks their neck to see. We have become the train wreck that stops traffic, not because the wreckage is stopping us from continuing on our journey, but because we all want to see what is going on.

Why have we allowed ourselves to become this way? Our we so unsatisfied with our own lives that we want to live vicariously through the criminal activities of a spoiled movie star?

We have lost sight of what really matters in live. It's the simple things in life that matter the most. But too many people have no clue what the simple things in life really are. It is truly a sad situation we are in.

Lord God, I pray for these stars who seem to have it all, yet thrive on the latest drama to keep their name in the headlines, no matter the personal cost to their reputation. They have the money and fame, but they are so empty inside. They have to be, to continue this endless cycle of self-destruction.

I pray for our society that has become so consumed with the latest gossip of the dysfunction going on in the lives of these celebrities. Help them to see that negative attention is not something to look for.

I pray for President Obama. Lord God, he has been ordained by You as the leader of this great nation at this point and time in history. I pray that he will humble himself before You, seek Your will, and make wise decisions for this country. Lord, protect our President, and all other elected leaders. Please keep Your hand of protection on this nation from terrorist attacks.

I continue to pray for Congresswoman Giffords. Continue to heal her body, mind, soul and spirit Lord God. Restore her and use her life for Your glory.

I pray these things in Jesus Name, Amen.

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