Monday, January 17, 2011


I heard on the news this morning that  Mark Kelly, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords husband, has spoken publicly for the first time. It warmed my heart to hear that he has said he would agree to meet with Amy and Randy Loughner, the parents of the man that shot his wife. He said that he does not hold them responsible for their son's actions. This news, along with yesterday's news that Congresswoman Giffords' medical status has been upgraded to serious from critical is great news during this time of tragedy.

Some will probably wonder why I believe it is good news to hear that Mr. Kelly does not hold them responsible for their son's actions. I believe that every step he and the family takes to forgive in this horrendous act is just more healing for them. I pray that someday he and the family, and Ms. Giffords as well, will be able to forgive the man himself, who did this. Forgiveness of him is not for the attacker, but for them- their healing and well-being.

I learned, unfortunately the hard way, that unforgiveness can cause you great harm. It turns into anger, which turns into bitterness if you do not deal with it.  Bitterness will destroy you. Forgiveness is not you- the one who has been hurt- not the one who has hurt you. I continue to pray for Congresswoman's Giffords, Mark Kelly, their family and friends. I also continue to pray for each person who was at the supermarket that horrible day. Those who were shot, I pray for complete and quick healing. I pray for all those who witness the attack. I pray for the first responders who were on the scene. I pray for the doctor's who are caring for all these people.

I pray that this tragedy will bring about more miracles in this country. Just as we see Mr. Kelly start the process with the family of the killer, I pray that the country will take notice and follow his example. So many are looking for answers. Who caused this? Why? We may never have the answer of why. Who caused this? Evil.  Jared Loughner CHOSE- personally- HIMSELF- to commit this horrible act. Nothing that was done to him caused this. There have been many millions of people who have had horrible, unspeakable things done to them, who have never hurt anyone else. Yes, I most definitely believe in the cycle of abuse. But I believe that ultimately it all comes down to an individual choice. I do not know whether or not there were any abuse done to Jared Loughner. The news has been conflicting on this aspect of the story. But I have also learned the hard way that what you hear on the news is not always the truth- no matter what source you get your news from.

I continue to pray for Jared Loughner. I heard this morning that some of the guards have said that his eyes are pure evil, still. They say he shows no signs of remorse. I pray for those who have contact with him, that God will protect them from the evil that obviously permeates from him. I pray for Jared, that he will be humbled, and surrender his life to God Almighty. I pray that he will repent of his sins, come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior.

I pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus will join me in praying for Ms. Giffords, Mr. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Loughner, and Mr. Loughner, as well as this nation. We must come to a place of humility before God, repent for our sins as a nation, so that God Almighty will heal our land.

As always, I pray these things in the precious Name of Jesus Christ- Amen.

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