Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank You, Jesus- Gabby's Back!

This is a GOOD day in America!

In the midst of all the politics on Capitol Hill and the debt ceiling crisis, this country needs a little bit of good news!

As I watched the news, I had goose-bumps all over! The day I have prayed for almost 7 months came to pass! Gabrielle Giffords has walked back onto the floor of Congress! One week less than 7 months ago, this lady was attacked senselessly and shot in the head. While it was first reported that she had died from the attack, thankfully, she did not!

I started this prayer blog as a way to deal with my emotions with the tragedy.

From the very moment this tragedy was reported, many people put a spin on the story, blaming the Tea Party for the attack.

The man that did this, from all accounts, was actually apolitical. While he had previous contact with Congresswoman Giffords, he was not a politically active person. Politics were not his motivation. Plain and simple, this man was a monster.

ALL blame should be left where it lies- with Jared Loughner.

This is not about politics. This is about a life- a beautiful life that was spared by God Almighty.

Thank You, Jesus, for healing Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Though I am sure she still has a long road of recovery ahead of her, her life is indeed a miracle! Thank You for sparing her life! All glory and honor belong to You, Lord God!

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